Zero Emissions Byron

About Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB)

Zero Emissions Byron aims to accelerate the transition to zero emissions by continuously engaging our local community to increase their uptake of emission reduction activities.

Our rationale is to successfully champion, educate, inform and inspire action aimed toward zero emissions for the Byron Shire. In this regard, ZEB is regarded as a ‘lighthouse’ organisation, leading the way by example.

ZEB actively engages with the community to encourage emissions reduction activities. We promote the uptake of electric vehicles to reduce GHG emissions.

Other major projects include building energy efficiency, commercial and large-scale solar, tree-planting and zero waste to landfill.

Zero Emissions Byron is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, a registered charity with tax deductible gift status (DGR). It has a voluntary Board of seven directors, an Advisory Panel of nine, some dedicated volunteers and no paid staff.

Zero Emissions Byron has built its reputation as a leader in the field of emissions reduction to address climate change and its impacts in Byron Shire. We share our initiatives with other communities seeking to make deep changes.