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Zara D'Cotta

Zara D'Cotta, founder of The Healthy Home, discovered her passion for environmental health and natural wellness while recovering from cancer.

Through her own experiences, and extensive research, Zara realised that unhealthy homes, and the products we use, are making us sick. She has been on a mission to help families make informed choices, and in doing so, reduce their environmental footprint, ever since.

Zara has is studying Building Biology through the Australian College of Environmental Studies, is a keynote speaker, activist, member of Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps, doTERRA leader, and Bupa health influencer award finalist. She has appeared on TEN News, Today Show, The Project, been featured in the Herald Sun, I Quit Sugar, and contributed Medibank’s Be. Magazine and Fairfax health online. 

Zara is currently leading a petition on calling for restrictions on the use of glyphosate in public spaces in Australia: . She also contributed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s first comprehensive report on breast cancer in young women in Australia.  

Hundreds of families have benefited from Zara's personal support to unlock the key to a home environment that gives each household member the opportunity to enjoy optimum health.


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