Your Local Director - Paul Manning

As your Local Director my job is to help businesses in 3 different ways: 

1.Promote your business with an on-line Business Feature 
2. Get local owners together into Events that focus on solving everyday business problems
3. Work with individual business owners to deliver their Ideal Business… that’s your Ideal Income (so you’re well paid), Ideal Hours (so you don’t burn out) and Ideal Scale (so you get to the size you want)...
Every workshop that you’ll see here has many strategies for your business that you can get started with immediately… they are simple, practical and have worked for hundreds of business owners over the last 16 years that we’ve been helping business owners for.  Our events are for time-challenged, hard-working, practically-minded business owners who give their business 100% and know they want to their business to as hard for them, as they work on it.  Book into an Event and join other business owners who want to Play a Bigger Game… 
Sorry, there are no upcoming events