YOGA NATURE classes include teachings of Traditional Yoga practices promoting wellbeing, insight and development at personal, relational and professional levels. The approach to teaching is guided by Traditional Yoga including Buddhist concepts, philosophy and values and are supported by Eastern contemplative and Western contemporary research and learning.
The teaching style is facilitative and human centred with a strong focus on self-awareness, self-care, self-development, self-management as well as the importance of connectedness to community and responsibilities (Sangha). Classes often explore the original intent and purpose of Yoga, the management of the mind, body, emotions and stress as well as foundations for living life with greater clarity, meaning and wellbeing.
Teaching is grounded on a diverse range of Yoga study, practice and life experiences extending across traditions of Hatha, Iyenga, Ashtanga, Oki, Buddhist, Tibetan as well as adapted holistic Yoga practice including extensive travel e.g. across India and the Himalaya, staying in Monasteries and Ashrams, leading groups exploring the origins of Yoga from Nepal across Tibet through to mythical Mt Kailash.

Working with a broad range of people, groups, organisations, cultures and traditions, the approach to Yoga is highly inclusive. Classes promote the creation of a welcoming, friendly and respectful space which is supportive of diversity including participants with (and with-out) specific beliefs, traditions, religious, or spiritual views. Associated Yoga teaching delivery standards & credentials: over 20 years Yoga Teaching experience; Registered Senior Teacher Yoga Australia; Diploma Level qualification (Yoga Teaching); Masters qualification(Adult Education; Community Management)