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Bringing you, your town and community prosperity by developing your ability to do business with those from around the World.


As we get ever more connected the opportunities to expand your business increase. But how do you avoid making mistakes or offending your new clients?  How do you maximise the success of  your meetings and get the best business outcome? How do you do those things with individuals and businesses from other cultures and backgrounds?

Yishi was established in response to the  difficulties we faced in growing our own business overseas.  A lack of knowledge of other cultures, their unique experiences and the ways in which different countries expect business to be conducted hindered our ability to grow.   

Bringing together the skills of an experienced English CEO and the experitse of a Taiwanese Marketing Consultant, we have created a network of knowledgeable Guest Experts from Australia, the UK, China, and Europe. We use this extensive knowledge and insiders understanding to provide your business with a unique cultural training experience.  

Yishi can offer one on one cultural training, cultural education workshops for small grops, or keynote speekers for large audiences, whatever your business demands. 

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