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Women's Wisdom School

 Womans Wisdom School - The Place for Women’s Empowerment

 At the Women’s Wisdom school we offer personal coaching, counselling, and workshops that support women in summoning their inner strength and feeling empowered.

 Our approach is the woman's way

 Women have their own way of seeing the world and finding meaning and happiness.  

 We find clarity by listening to our true inner voice.

We rely on our feelings for guidance and value our feminine gifts.  

Women form close friendships and support each other to gain confidence and courage. 

 At the Women's Wisdom School you get support to create positive change in your life.

With workshops and coaching for women you become empowered to apply your personal talents and do meaningful work. Getting in touch with your feminine inner knowing enables you to make the right choices and find supportive people and create loving relationships.

Connect with like minded woman to nurture yourself and create a life of beauty and wellbeing. Try coaching for women to get things done and embrace change.



In our powerful workshops you will be inspired to a life your love through feeling well and confident, ready to be your best self ever.

 Your accumulated experiences, emotional and practical, merge together to enable you to be resourceful, knowledgeable and creative.

Bridgit Pearl offers professional guidance and support in a transformational process. Her skills allow her clients to be self expressed, comfortable in who they truely are and inspires them to step up into their highest self and personal strength. Brigit creates a safe space for women where they learn how to use a crisis as opportunity for personal growth and positive change.

The Menopause and Beyond Group is a weekly event co-created by the

Womens Wisdom School & the Women's Shack in Byron Bay. 

The Womens Shack  - Organizer Kristin Murray

The Women's Shack is a  place to:

  • Gather Share our wisdom. 
  • Heal the feminine. 
  • Celebrate the feminine. 
  • Support one another.
  • Raise each other up. 

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