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withgrace holistic guidance and healing

I grew up in Ireland & as a teenager, I worked in a healing centre in Ireland. There I was introduced to all modalities of healing from aromatherapy, homeopathy, astrology, energy healing, naturopathy, crystals & it opened my eyes to a world of possibilities other than western medicine. I started to use these for my own ailments & so I began on my path.

After school, I headed off to university to study a BA  in Law & Politics, my post-graduate in Public Relations & my Marketing professional exams. By 27, I was General Manager of a leading design & marketing agency. I had all of the material things that an executive has. I drove a Jaguar. I had a personal trainer twice a week. My then boyfriend planned our leisure time as I was always working. I shopped as a Sunday pastime, as I’d lost touch with my closest friends. I had lost touch with myself.

I wasn’t happy. My work was consuming me. My relationship came to a grinding halt & when a close friend died I was barely able to cope. I saw a counsellor out of desperation, but didn’t connect with her. I was at the end of my tether when my Dad suggested I pack it all in & go travelling. Just like that, I quit my job & set off for South East Asia. When I reached Australia six months later I realised I missed having somewhere to belong. So I applied for a role in a branding agency & almost seven years later I call here home.

In 2013, I made the brave, but remarkably easy, decision to leave my career as a corporate creative & to follow my heart to study holistic counselling & set up withgrace. I wanted more for my life & I want to help people get more from theirs.

My days consist of exercise, self reiki, reading, hanging out with friends, eating a wheat & dairy free diet, writing, reading & watching telly before going to sleep beside my wonderful partner.

And yes, I’m happier than I have ever been, because I’m actually being me.




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