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Whozcookn Events

Excite all your senses by exploring a variety of the world's most interesting and amazing cuisines. Whozcookn food workshops specialises in traditional, ethnic and diverse cuisines, recipes, and cooking styles from some of Melbourne's most talented cooks and chefs, willing to share their priceless passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of food, with you!
These workshops really encourage attendees to take part and get involved in the food and cooking process. Our workshops take you on a journey where you can immerse yourself into a vibrant and cultural atmosphere. It’s really the closet thing to traveling without the price-tag and jet-lag. Learn trade secrets, generational recipes and worldly knowledge, all while gaining instrumental cooking skills.
Our friendly cooks will help you explore a new world of food and culture and even help you serve up the most tantalizing dishes you’ve ever created. Yes, that’s right, you!
Our events are open to you and anyone you wish to invite, with special discounted rates for all our members plus pre-released tickets so you can get in first. We can coordinate and accommodate to any dietary needs, offering workshops that cater to those with food allergies, are vegetarian or suffer from any dietary condition.
The workshops really are a lot of fun, with high energy testimonials on our website from our past events. It’s time to create some unforgettable food memories and really let your hair down for an experience that’s unmatched.

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