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Waratah Karleu Transformational Retreats

The retreat experience is a melding of all of the various modalities, gathered from a lifetime of exploring the realms of human consciousness and how to get more from this lifetimes experience. Practical approaches that cross into the spiritual yet always remain grounded within the earthly experience. 'Spiritual without the woo woo' as many retreat attendees say. Aiming thus to bring forth this expanded experience into the world within our everyday, walking, waking reality.


Waratah has been parcticing and studying yoga for over 30 years within the Iyengar tradition, which focuses on precision and alignment within the postures. Having been drawn to yoga from a young age, it is a practice that she has incorporated into her whole life philosophy.


Combining strength with softness, she brings warmth, compassion and deep understanding to her teaching and is highly recognised within her field.  Waratah infuses her teaching with understandings gained from Ayurveda and Positive Psychology which blend seamlessly with Yogic Philosophy. Bringing mind, body, breath and spirit together in grounded, intuitive sequences.


For Waratah, the retreat experience allows the alchemical process of tuning one into ones true, deeper, higher Self. Through the ancient practices of Asana (body postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation we gain greater access to the truth of our being. 


Utilising the wisdom of Yoga, Mindfulness, Tantra, Ayurveda, Taoism, Wellness Coaching, Positive Psychology and Counselling, Waratah creates a space for deep transformation on all levels. Having held space through classes and workshops for many years she provides a safe place for participants to explore healing of body, mind and spirit.