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Waratah Karleu Couples Retreats

Waratah Karleu: Sexologist & Relationship Counsellor, Conscious Sexuality Educator, Author, Yogini, river swimmer and Deep soul Diva.


Having studied and practiced the ancient arts of Tantra, Taoism, Yoga and Ayurveda for over 20 years, as well as completing post graduate studies in Counselling and Sexology and a trained Gottman's Couples Therapist, Waratah brings a wealth of learnt and lived experience to her teachings.


Waratah creates a clear, clean, practically based, spiritually grounded, fun, supportive, empowering, transformative, inclusive and self autonomous space for growth and expansion.


The workshops presented by Waratah are profound and transformative. By gaining greater insight and empowerment within your intimacy, you can access deep peace and trust in an area of life that, for most, we have little empowering conversation or education around.


All workshops are conducted in a safe and confidential environment with no sleaze. The aim is for nourishment and empowerment in an area that excites and intrigues us all and yet for most of us the chance to have a meaningful discussion does not present. Waratah shares her knowledge and experience with warmth, openness, humour and a grounded sense of the sacred.


The retreat experience brings together a series of modalities which allow for individual and relationship transformation. Daily guided yoga and meditation sessions, tailored to your needs opens up new perspectives on ourself and others. Allowing for a space to sit within the other learnings offered. A series of daily workshops utilising various modalities including Tantra, Taoism, Couples Therapy and Active Communication. There is time set aside each day to practice the learning or engage in one on one sessions for greater clarity.


For however your relationship is, greater insight, connection, harmony, peace and depth of connection is possible.

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