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Victorian Leadership Academy

The Victorian Leadership Academy (VLA) is the most ambitious program ever initiated in Victoria to develop current and future leadership of the public sector.

Established by the Victorian Secretaries Board, and embedded at the centre of the Victorian public sector (in the Victorian Public Sector Commission), the VLA is uniquely positioned to support public sector priorities and challenges, and lift the capability of Victorian public sector leaders to respond.

VLA delivers targeted development opportunities that build and enhance leadership skills and capabilities needed to operate in an increasingly changeable and complex environment.

Through a bespoke assessment and coaching program, the VLA collects nuanced insights on the executive cohort, including diversity, breadth and depth of experiences, leadership strengths and development needs. These insights facilitate a highly targeted approach to development, diversity and mobility.

VLA development opportunities are designed to deliver measurable impact at an individual, organisational and sector level with the ultimate aim of delivering better outcomes for Victorians.

Participants have access to a broad range of development opportunities. The development approach is founded on global best practice and guided by contemporary adult learning approaches. All experiences are designed to leverage participants’ knowledge and skills and develop the skills and mindsets the sector requires now and into the future.

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