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UPLifting Wellness

UPLifting Wellness delivers health and well being solutions to individuals, groups and corporate groups who are looking to be the best they can be and want to do so by taking care of their physical well being.

UPlifting Wellness is passionate in the belief that your health is your number one wealth. With a body that is healthy, a person's ability to do more, achieve more and experience more is significantly increased, leading to benefits not only to well being, these benefits also translate into relationships, career and financial security and wealth creation.

UPLifting Wellness offers solutions in wellbeing, weight loss, fitness and sporting performance through a wellness journey consisting of personal training services, coaching, workshops, education and wellness retreats. Each service can be provided on a one to one basis or in groups, depending on the needs and wants of each client.

UPLifting Wellness has a key point of difference from most other health and fitness providers. Instead of focusing only on behavioural strategies to gain results in physical well being, UPLifting Wellness highlight that the behaviours that create these results will only become a sustainable and regular lifestyle habit if it is accompanied with a shift in mindset and thinking, an environment that supports the change in behaviour and an emotional connection with the outcome. If these elements are lacking, the results that an individual can gain will be short lived, far harder to achieve or potentially not achieved at all.

It is for this reason, that UPLifting Wellness has created a unique and highly successful method of taking their clients on a journey to improved wellbeing that brings together the body, the mind and the heart for a more holistic and successful experience of health and well being

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