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UnYucky Families

"I wish you could make this unyucky, Mum."Bec Lloyd, Author

Bec Lloyd has had that request in her mind for 10 years - the six year old who said it about the sauce being on her pasta instead of beside it now has her L plates.

But in that time - and even before then - Bec researched ways that other families, educators, doctors, nutritionists and scientists had found to improve family enjoyment of meals together.

It's not just about the food - in fact, Bec's biggest revelation was that food might well be the least important part of a happier meal!

Join journalist, early childhood education communication specialist, and mother of three, Bec Lloyd, in a workshop that will give you a new mindset about the extraordinary value of family mealtimes, as well as help you enjoy your own damn dinner!


Front cover

Covering your meals from end-to-end, Bec's workshops follow the structure of the chapters in her book, The Flawsome Family Mealbook:

  • Plan - meal planning in your own style, shopping list tricks, permanent pantry items for easier meals
  • Prepare - red flags in recipes, essential utensils, restaurant chef tips for home, and how (and WHY) to get kids involved in safe, brief, happy jobs
  • Serve - the three family serving styles and why one is a clear winner
  • Enjoy - dinner games that actually get more food eaten? We've got 10 of them!
  • Clean - no one ever talks about the biggest dinner dread of all, but we've got it covered with ways to get age appropriate chores happening for the whole family, no matter how big or small.

Bec doesn't preach, doesn't judge, and doesn't pretend there's a magic blueprint or 'hack' that you've been too stupid to see until now, and that you won't be able to stick to for more than a week when you get home!

You'll have fun, and you'll see your family meals start to change for good.

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