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Trish and Bob Schwenkler

Trish had a childhood dream that someday she would grow up and make a difference in the lives of people around the world, inspired by the example of her aunt who was a missionary in Brazil. 

She was raised in Boise Idaho and met her husband, Bob, waterskiing!!  They married in their early twenties.  Trish stayed home and cared for their 3 children, while Bob (who has an engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University) earned a comfortable living and provided a nice home for them.  They were enjoying the so-called" American Dream", but Trish still had a burning desire to so something more…

Fortuitously, in 1993, Trish was introduced to Network Marketing, and realized that through “word of mouth” marketing of innovative wellness products, her childhood dream of making a difference in the lives of many people could become a reality!

A few months after she started working with her first networking company, Bob was downsized from his professional job and finances became an issue.   She learned that there is “nothing better than making a living while making a difference”, and she discovered the amazing monetary potential of the network marketing industry.  She began doing small presentations with the initial goal of helping pay the mortgage. At the same time, Bob started doing independent consulting. Since this gave him a flexible schedule, he was able to help out around the house, allowing Trish the time to grow her fledgling business.


Trish’s business grew slowly the first year, but she kept focused “earning while she learned”. The second year she replaced Bob’s former full time income. Bob started helping with the background work in her business.  Then, after 4 years, they both went full-time in the network marketing industry. Bob never again had to get a regular job, and they were both able to raise their 3 children together.   Within 7 years they became one of the top 10 earners in their company, creating a massive global impact they never imagined possible.   Unfortunately, after 15 years with their first company, management/quality problems left Trish realizing that company had lost its way.

Trish began searching for a new company to align with.  In Dec 2009 she was introduced to ASEA!  She realized ASEA’s products were unique and heavily patented, the ASEA Executive team had the foundation of business experience and integrity that would stand the test of time, and most importantly, ASEA had a great purpose, and was founded on the philosophy that “principles and purpose come before ego and economics".


Trish fell in love with ASEA and knew she had finally found the home she had been looking for!  Trish and Bob have worked diligently and have become ASEA’s #1 Associates. Their years with ASEA have been the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling, and most prosperous years of their life!  Come hear Trish and Bob’s amazing story, and learn about the "Redox Breakthrough" that is transforming countless lives around the world, and can transform your life too !


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