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Travel Japan

Travel Japan is a brand of H.I.S., one of Japan's leading travel organisations. Founded in 1980, H.I.S. is globally recognised as a reputable, progressive and trusted travel brand.

Travel Japan's multilingual consultants have extensive knowledge of the culture, customs, history, and places of interest that will soon become highlights of your travels. No matter how complex your itinerary, we will always be able to deliver you the best possible travel experience.

Whilst we cannot travel now, we would like you to keep dreaming of endless possibilities for your next bucket-list trip or alternatively improve your skills with some of our various cooking, craft, and cultural lessons.

With the help of our suppliers and friends in Japan, all events are brought to you live from Japan in real-time.

So what are you waiting for, join us on an adventure, or improve your knowledge from your lounge room, with the people we love within Japan!