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Tracie McDougall

Hi, I’m Tracie. I am a Wife, Mum, Business Woman, Engineer, Volunteer. Your neighbour. I’ve been where you are. I was suffering severe eczema on my face and neck, my eyes were regularly swollen nearly closed. Some days it looked like someone had taken a blow torch to my neck. It hurt, I was embarrassed and I was scared.


After being diagnosed with leaky gut, candida and more, I found myself with strict dietary restrictions. I felt totally overwhelmed.


Beyond my medical diagnosis, there was no practical support to help me live with my condition, learn how to heal and get my life back.


With a background in engineering and driving sustainable change, I set about solving my problem, conducting extensive research and undertaking intensive study to develop the knowledge and tools I needed to make the changes and live with my diagnosis, without compromising my love of food, travel and the busy life I lead.


Today, I share this knowledge and my passion for ‘food as medicine’ through Savvy Belly, enabling people to eat healthily, live happily and thrive with their medical condition.

Make the change, call Savvy Belly today and get that good gut feeling.

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