TP Human Capital

When developing a training plan for your organisation, or choosing training for your own self-development, it is vital that you choose a training partner who will deliver the results you require.


Computer Training

The computer is a powerful business tool, and like all tools, it is only as effective as the person using it. The effective use of computers can boost productivity, improve systems, create a professional image and increase the efficiency of an individual and an organisation.


Professional Development Training

Our scheduled professional development training gives employees the opportunities to enhance their self-development and professional skills, and to better manage themselves and others in real-life organisational settings so they can achieve their full potential in their chosen career.


Customised Training

Just as each individual has different needs, so do organisations. Although generic courses are a valuable tool to pass on a widely used set of skills, often organisations require training to be conducted in a way that matches internal procedures, processes and culture.


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