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The Out & About Baby Company

Everyone knows someone with a baby.  Either you are a parent yourself or you are a babysitter, a friend, a brother, an aunt, a cousin or a grandparent. Regardless of your relationship, you still understand the amount of preparation that goes into getting out and about.

Out & About Baby is a global parenting directory of the best cafes, restaurants, parks, play centres, hotels, shopping centres and more, curated and reviewed by modern families.   

We also do events….




We love to have fun. We love coffee and we love wine. Our events reflect this. 


We believe that every mother should be surrounded by a mum squad – because you can’t, and shouldn’t have to, do it alone.


We’re the business that wants to be friends with you—mostly because we’re not so much a brand as we are real people over here just trying to rethink parenthood and have a good time doing it.


We represent a revolution against mummy shaming and isolation. Being a parent does not mean you are never allowed a life again. In fact, we are big believers in the mantra “happy mum, happy child” and developing new relationships while getting out of the house is a big part of that.


We think everybody should be able to enjoy parenthood, without feeling isolated and ashamed.

We’re here to support each other, learn from each other and grow in motherhood together, as friends. Whether you’re a new mum to 1, or a practiced mum of 5, we can all benefit from being surrounded by a community of like minded mama’s who have got your back.



Basic First Aid SkillsFashion and StylingFitness, Sleep Training, Food, and more.

We want our Social Club Events to mean something and help you learn along the way.



Sometimes, mums just want to have fun.  We aren’t suggesting it’s going to be a scene out of “Bad Moms“, but if you want to cut loose for a night, have a glass of wine and a good feed, and maybe get a little dressed up, then we are your crew.



Everyday, all around the world, there are mums and dads who are struggling with their emotional health. Last year a study revealed that 92 percent of new mums admitted to experiencing intense bouts of loneliness – and one in seven postnatal depression – according to the postnatal charity, PANDA.


The purpose of Out & About Baby is to make life easier for mums (that’s you!) as well as help you be social and live your new normal in places that cater to the demands of little people and parenting.  By no means, is getting out of the house the only solution for those suffering PND, but it certainly can help, and it is the ongoing mission of The Out & About Baby Company to make life as easy as possible for those experiencing it and to continuously raise funds and awareness for the cause. 

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