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The Konnection Club

Welcome to The Konnection Club my name is Kathryn and I started this business to bring people together to connect.


From my own experience I know how happy I feel after spending time with my family and friends, chatting with my colleagues at work, meeting new people and participating in new fun experiences. I also love technology and how it allows me to be connected to people, but I often felt spending all day working in front of the computer and being on my phone planning day to day life I became disconnected.


Our aim is to bring people together at various types of events for networking, love, friendship, common social interests and current topics of interest in an open, fun and engagaing environment.


Human connection and social interaction provides many health benefits according to scientists and researchers throughout the world and is something we all need as much as food and water.


Our first events are all about love. We are hosting some dating events - Speed Style in the beautiful town of Bendigo (VIC) in April, May, June 2020 with events coming soon in Melbourne.


Our events are aimed at people who are ready to find love and take place in a comfortable, fun and enjoyable atmosphere and are a great way to meet many people in one evening (12 dates).


I bet many of your parents told you they used to go to the local dance to meet new people. Dancing with different partners for a few minutes or talking with new people for a few minutes. It's all about interacting and connection.


Our website will be live very soon


If you have any questions or enquiries about the events please contact me at and I will happily answer your enquiry.


Find us on Instagram and Facebook @konnectionclub



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