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The Intraverse Institute

The Intraverse Institute is delighted to present this year's education and training program for business professionals.

Our programs will bring you up-to-speed with rapidly emerging technologies such as distributed ledgers (Blockchain), smart contracts, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Aimed at business, you will become familiar with the technologies that are transforming the way business is done. And you select the level of program you want, whether that is introductory programs on the business impact of blockchain or more advanced programs on token economics or smart contracts.


Program for March, April & May – Melbourne:



Blockchain for Business

We recommend our core one-day program, Blockchain for Business, with monthly delivery dates starting on Thursday March 21 in Melbourne. Here's a quick overview of content:


  • What blockchain is and why it matters


  • Sample blockchain applications across industries (supply chain provenance, secure registries, “smart contracts”, unhackable databases, etc)


  • Emerging technologies impacting on blockchain (AI, IOT, smart contracts)


  • Smart Contract platforms


  • Strategic implication: automation, decentralisation, disintermediation, process improvement, trust, and censorship resistance.



Foundations of Blockchain

Today we announce the dates for the first delivery of the year of our Foundations of Blockchain course: It's a two-day course, run over four consecutive Saturdays starting 23 March 2019 and is also presented as part of Deakin University's MBA program. We're delivering these programs overseas as well such as our three-day public sector program designed for the Dubai “Smart City” project, financed by the UAE government.


Blockchain for Government

Blockchain for Government is a two-day program (Wed 27 & Thurs 28 March) aimed at senior managers in Government organisations who wish to explore the opportunities and risks presented by this break-though emerging technology.

On completion of this program, participants will be able to make a strategic assessment of the likely impact of blockchain technology on their organisation. 

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