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The Gut Warriors

Introducing The Gut Warriors, Sammi Zajko & Jaya Taki.

Sammi Zajko (Fermenting Australia) has been touring the country for many years with her Fermentation Workshops, reviving the lost art of fermented foods with a background in nutrition and natural health. Sammi has also been a guest speaker at numerous health events across the country, is a Weston A. Price group leader, Doula (birth and advocacy support), Shamanic practitioner and is currently studying to become a Counsellor. Her insatiable appetite for health and wellness shines in all she does!

Jaya Taki, the other half of The Gut Warriors is a renowned Woods-Gravity Colon Therapist and self titled "Queen of Poo". The Natural Therapist has seen her fair share of unhealthy guts and witnesses kilos of toxicity released from men, women and children! If she's not coercing poo out of people, Jaya travels across NSW facilitating her "Healthy Inside-Out Workshops" to schools and workplaces promoting the important message of the need to pay attention to the health of our insides.

The Gut Warriors have an innate bond and shared passion for health that has seen them join together in one of the most exciting collaborations in the world of holistic health.

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