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The Disruptive Business Network and Humanities 21

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About The Disruptive Business Network:

What if the status quo is wrong?

To us, 'disruptive' means questioning the way things are currently done. New ideas and technology are changing business. Standardised workers, working in standarised jobs and building standarsied products, is a model that has become a relic of the past. We are moving from the industrial economy to what Seth Godin refers to as the connection economy.  

If such a shift is on the horizon, what are the tools we need to prepare? This event series is not about having answers, but asking important questions. We are creating a network of people who currently think along disruptive lines, and thrive on change for the better. The three areas we look at are: good business, meaningful work, and disruptive innovation.

If you are one of the mavericks, game-changers, or revolutionaries who care about these issues – we invite you to come along.


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About Humanities 21

The humanities don’t just keep our world interesting.

Insights into how our world works can be garnered from literature, history, philosophy, language, and other areas encompassed by the humanities. Those who understand these things are better able to tackle questions to which there are no clear answers, and entertain the ideas of others without jumping to conclusions. In an age of fake news and social media, critical thinking has never before been such a vital skill.

Humanities 21 exists to remind people that the humanities don’t just keep the world interesting; they cultivate the kinds of thinkers our world needs.




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