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The Diamond Women Project

Kate Leiper is the face behind The Diamond Women Project - an exciting initiative committed to CELEBRATING, SUPPORTING and NURTURING new mothers. 

The time has come for a cultural shift in how we perceive mothers with little ones. Diamond Women are women who are dedicated, conscious and aware mamas; but they are also sparkly and sassy with ASPIRATIONS OF AWESOMENESS.

Sadly, we are so often told, "You can't have it all. You must choose - motherhood or to pursue your own calling".  

"BUT WHY?! WHY CAN'T WE JUST DO IT OUR WAY? LIKE ONLY MUMS CAN?!" Kate queries back {LOUDLY. And with an abundance of *SASS* and *SPARKLE* - of course}.

And this became the question that drives The Diamond Women Project. Kate believes that if one way isn't working all that well, then it's high time it changed. With a bit of creativity and innovation, us resilient mamas can nail life in every shiny, multi-faceted way. Like Diamonds. 

Through events and offerings on the Sunshine Coast as well as an online membership program for mothers worldwide, this venture is about new mothers reclaiming their right to both mothering fabulously and pursuing their own version of success. 

The Mummy Wars ain't no thing when Diamond Women are around! Get on board with the modern mama tribe.


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