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The Conversational Hypnosis Academy



Welcome to our hypnosis family. You have now become a part of Australias largest community of hypnotists and professional therapists.


The Conversational Hypnosis Academy is recognized as the elite training organization to master and study hypnotherapy to becomes a success in therapy and business.

Endorsed by 1 of the top hypnotherapy training boards in Australia you are welcomes into a training school that has set the standards in the industry.


Who Is The Conversational Hypnosis Academy ?


The founder and head trainer of the Academy is Scott Jansen. Scott's career has seen him see over 6000 clients and collect over 10.000 therapy hours in this time.

Scott has appeared internationally as an authority in hypnotherapy training and is formally recognized with his methods and understanding ,of the very essence of therapy and conversational hypnosis. 


 Scott Jansen has been hired by major companies, sales teams, doctors and dentists to teach conversational hypnosis methods to improve and increase a companies interactional approach with clients, boost sales, increase income all with the use of language.


"Our mission is simple. To teach hypnotherapy in such a way, that even the most novice students can reach the upper levels of success and reap the amazing rewards of being a professional hypnotherapist. There is nothing that matches this sense of satisfaction" Scott Jansen


 Our course have been recognized by the International Institute of complimentary therapies

( IICT) 

By gaining first hand knowledge of hypnotherapy and advanced techniques you will become a witness to profound hypnotic methods beyond what is taught in a regular hypnosis training.


We teach you how to do it, not what to do. This approach allows our students to use hypnosis even in the most casual of situations and everyday interactions. 


Our therapists learn the vital skills of hypnosis while not being limited to scripts or a therapy office. 


Why would you want to join us ? 


To discover the profound simple to follow knowledge of not just becoming a good hypnotherapist but a truly great one

 • To gain the elite format of hypnotherapy that creates conversational change in your subjects even without a formal induction

 • To understand simple system that put your clients into a therapeutic trance every time and in the exact depth of trance needed to create change in a clients reality

 • To rapidly use hypnotic interview elements that provide emotional leverage for all clients to change in the quickest of time

 • So you can use overt and covert steps that take you as the therapist to the master level simply and easily

 • So you can accomplish covert conversations that produce magical outcomes without being detected by a clients conscious mind 

 • To discover the TESTING techniques that will allow your work as a therapist to stick and last a life time

 • To learn how to create the exact set up that must be done before any session that create therapeutic change in minutes not ours

 • To master how to turn the induction phase into the ONLY part of the therapeutic intervention that you the therapist needs to do and how to instruct a clients unconscious to do the rest at alarming speeds

 • To gain first hand the simple format to internalize language patterns and creating them like second nature so you never have to think of what to say next 

 • To be witness to a little unknown secret that will catapult your ability to connect with unbreakable rapport that takes seconds

 • To become a master of controlling a clients attention to direct them into trance processes every time so they fall deeply into trance with no fuss or resistance.


"Why Would You Want To Learn A Skill That Will Last A Life Time"


Maybe you wish to :


  • Learn how to connect at such a deep unconscious level that you become the life of your group of friends.
  • Master the art of a charismatic speaker to sell more products or book more appointments
  •  Become groomed in a style of communication that can open up stuck and cynical thinking in seconds
  •  Learn how to use your words and create powerful circumstances in your own life that create abundance and great friendships. 


"The Academy Will Even Change Your Life"


  • Grooms You To Develop A REAL Word Skill

This isn’t the sort of course where you have to remember lots of facts. This is all about skills, which you practice in hypnosis so when it comes to the real thing, you are completely confident and competent


  • Helps You Learn At Alarming Speeds

By teaching in a fashion that includes unconscious and conscious resourcing. Your new skill set will become a part of your personality leaving you with an understanding that becomes your entire way of interacting with human beings


  •  Educates You On The Foundations Of Success

What does over 6000 client hours give you from your trainer Scott Jansen ? REAL world experience. This experience is something you can not read about in a book. Combine powerful hypnotic protocol and 16 years experience as a full time hypnotherapist with an international reputation and authority on hypnosis and hypnotherapy and you get the winning formula.


  • Makes It Easy To Confidently Progress

All of our certifications are based practical understanding. Not long boring lectures. You will be interacting, hypnotizing and mastering methods within the first hour of any of our programs. Giving you a real world approach to therapy 


  • No knowledge Required

The best part is in order for you to becomes qualified in an authority certification, you do not need to know anything about hypnosis. Your 3 days with us is to amerce you in HOW hypnosis actually works. But if you do have a back ground in hypnosis you will find this to be the easiest format for success on the planet. Even doctors, dentists, trainer, therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, NLP trainer, NLP therapists all agree on this guarantee 


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