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The Committee For Brisbane

The Committee for Brisbane is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is committed to shaping Brisbane’s future as the world’s greatest and most liveable city.

For 60 years the Committee for Brisbane has been an influential a-political organisation that has provided strong advocacy in creating a better greater Brisbane. The Committee for Brisbane has been influential in the promotion of our subtropical city to achieve sustainable economic and lifestyle benefits for our businesses and communities.

Industry and community development has been at the heart of our events program with a focus on infrastructure investment, environment, tourism and Brisbane’s cultural development. Our forums have provided a platform for robust discourse and debate on the big ideas and issues that have sought to shape a more dynamic and exciting Brisbane.

Our membership is drawn from diverse areas of Brisbane’s business, government and community sectors. Our members have a vested interest in the future of Brisbane and are actively involved in creating a better city through their membership. The Committee for Brisbane is focused on delivering strong support, advocacy and promotion for its membership.

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