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The Clean Living Clinic

The Clean Living Clinic is about providing chemical free lifestyle education, support, options and DIY solutions on your chemical free journey.

Myleigh found herself on her chemical free path along time ago and found that practicing non-judgement and encouraging small, but continual improvement was key to her success in living a chemical free lifestyle.  

It was this that gave Myleigh the drive and the desire to learn, grow and share her knowledge and that is how The Clean Living Clinic was founded. 

DIY is often put in the "TOO HARD!" basket.  The Clinic shows the world that it can be easy, time efficient, affordable and accessible.

It was vital for Myleigh Taylor founder of The Clean Living Clinic to keep her belief that “What YOU can is enough" as the back bone of the clinic.

Myleigh is a self-taught and self-educated at living chemical free and believes it is important to never pretend to know all the answers because there is always new perspectives and new things to learn. Every day brings new choices that create your future........Choose wisely & keep your thoughts and actions positive.

The Clean Living Clinic offers DIY ingredients, recipes, DIY kits, Clinics and LIFESTYLER support network to help empower you to live a non-toxic, back to basic, simplicity lifestyle.

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