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The Blockchain Training Institute

About Us

Developed in 2017 and founded in 2018, The Blockchain Training Institute has a simple mission:

To educate the public on the fundamentals of the blockchain technology, and to help people navigate and understand the applications built upon it, most notably smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and tokenised assets.

Our aim is to remain a voice of reason in an industry that will ultimately change how we communicate, transact & interact, but is currently clouded by misinformation, hype and get-rich quick schemes.



Courses & Workshops

BTI currently runs a number of workshops throughout Australia which you can book to attend. Courses sell out fast, so booking ahead is recommended.


We also offer referral & alumni programs, details of which can be found below.


Available Now


Non Technical


Non technical workshops are designed for non-developers and the general public, who may or may not have experience in the blockchain space.


At our workshops, you will gain a fundamental understanding of what the 3 primary types of blockchain are, how they each function, how they will change particular areas of the way we currently communicate, exchange & interact with each other.


As you progress through our curriculum, you will broaden your understanding in how to properly store, secure, exchange and generally participate in the crypto-asset & cryptocurrency revolution.


Courses & Curriculum Overview:


1. Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

  • 90min Introduction Night
  • Foundations, terminology & overview


2. Crypto Storage, Security & Exchange

  • 3hr Workshop
  • Live set up for: wallets, exchanges & cold storage


3. Blockchain: A Deep Dive

  • Full day Workshop, much deeper understanding.
  • Different kinds of Blockchains & DPSs.


Privacy & Anonymity

  • How to remain private & anonymous
  • Setting up for Privacy & anonymity.



Research & Valuation (Investment Focused)


Our research & valuation set of courses are for those who want to take control of, invest in, and protect their future.


They’re designed to help people better understand exactly what gives cryptocurrencies, crypto assets & tokens their value.


Rule #1: Never invest in what you don’t understand.


If you’re looking to invest in the crypto-markets, or participate in ICOs, this set of courses is a must-attend. 90% of the current cryptocurrency marketplace is fraught with projects that will fail & tokens that will end up worthless, either because they are deliberate scams, or more often because they are poorly designed with a lack of underlying crypto-economic modelling in place.


Our goal is to give you the tools, information, constructs & systems to help you build your own rubrics & valuation models, which in turn can set you up to prosper in the next digital age by navigating the market successfully.


Whether you’re looking to invest for the long term, medium term or even trade in the short term, this set of courses is for you.


  1. Valuing Cryptocurrencies & Crypto Assets

  2. Investment fundamentals

  3. Technical analysis & short term trading



We dive deep into a number of blockchain concepts, so we highly recommend you attend at least the introduction to blockchain, and storage & exchange courses.


Corporate Workshops


1 Day Corporate Workshops are currently available or an as-requested basis.


Please email our team for further information:


Topics Include:

1. Disruption in Accounting

  • Triple entry accounting
  • Automated Bookkeeping
  • Secure Ledgers


2. Disruption in Law

  • Smart Contracts
  • Automation & DAOs
  • "Code is Law"


3. Disruption in Banking

  • A new form of Money & Banking
  • The history & future of Money
  • Custody & Self Sovereignty



Coming in Q2, 2018


The Blockchain space is always evolving, and as it does, we will launch new courses to assist our participants & students on the way.




Our technical workshops are designed for developers that are looking to build on their existing skills and learn how to actually “build” the future.


Courses are in development and will launch later in 2017.


1. Mining & Master Nodes


2. Building Blockchains

  • Bitcoin & Scripting Languages
  • Solidity & Ethereum & Turing Complete Languages
  • Creating your own ICO


3. Creating Smart Contracts

  • Legal Implications
  • Liability
  • Auditing


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Leadership & Business

We’re also developing a curriculum for those looking to be business & innovation leaders in the blockchain space. This is for those who may not have the technical prowess to “build”, but have the vision and passion to lead.


Referral Program


If you find our courses valuable, and you think that spreading the word about blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies is important, we’d like to say “thankyou”.

We’ve created a referral and an alumni program so if you refer a friend to our courses or continue studying with us, you’ll receive discounts & even cash.

Referral Program

Refer friends, family or even strangers!


  1. 10% cash back


10% of the value of any course purchased by someone you refer will be credited to a bank account of your choice with 7 days of the course completion date.


  1. 20% BTI course credit


20% of the value of any course purchased by someone you refer will be credited toward a future course or workshop you would like to attend.



Alumni Program


If you’ve attended any of our previous courses, please email us direct to receive a complimentary 10% discount on any course or workshop you’re looking to attend next*


*Alumni discounts cannot be used in conjunction with referral credits or cash back.


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