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The Big Drop Collective is dedicated to growing a culture of environmental sustainabilty as a community social action group via education and development. Influence planning, provide advocacy and improve our environment within our urban community

Its mission is to effect social change in reducing our individual CO2 emissions or carbon footprint by the reduction of single use disposable plastics and adopting a Zero Waste lifestyle from a micro level up as a consumer and individuals. Increase Corporate Social Responsibility policies for businesses whilst creating a collective to influence industry and manufacturers to adopt new industry practices.

The issue of removing plastics from our everyday life may seem daunting for one person or a business to tackle but remember that nobody wants to live on a planet suffocated by plastic. Every decision you make to buy or use a product influences companies’ decisions to continue producing it. Live as plastic-free as you can by making small positive changes in your daily lifestyle, home or workplace and inspire others to do the same. Stand up for what you believe in and this effort can influence policy and corporations to change their ways for the better.


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