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The Back Room Workshop

Let's fill The Back Room Workshop with our vibrant community of rural men and women, gathering together to take time to share, talk, learn and laugh together.


Located on the outskirts of Forbes, this light-filled space has been lovingly put together by Cherie and Bill Stitt. Cherie (that's me!) is taking the reins with this venture - I am a former teacher, organiser of events (in a voluntary capacity) workshop junkie and lover of any excuse to gather together for some time. Bill is a local builder who enjoys bringing old farmhouses back to their former glory & he also happens to be the maker of this new space.


The workshops are held in the back room of our home - hence the very original name - and are open to all comers. Apart from our regular Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness classes, we aim to host a couple of unique events each month... so if you have a workshop idea, or a clever friend who might like to present, then we would love to hear from you. Just email


Thanks for stopping by!

Cherie (Bill and Lenny)

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