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The Back Room, Forbes

A Bit about The Back Room

Let's fill The Back Room with our vibrant community of rural men and women, gathering together to take time to share, talk, learn and laugh together.

What is this? Located on the outskirts of Forbes, this light-filled and calm space has been lovingly put together by Cherie, Bill & Lenny Stitt (actually Lenny hasn’t done all that much, but I felt he needed to be included.)

Who is behind this? Cherie is taking the reins with this venture - I am a former Science teacher, organiser of events (mostly in a voluntary capacity) workshop junkie, former boarding school supervisor of teen girls, yoga teacher and lover of any excuse to gather together and share stories.

What’s the point? Heartfelt gatherings, classes and workshops are held in the back room of our home - hence the very original name - and are open to all comers.

What else? Currently we are having a real ‘women’s moment’ so many of our events and get togethers are focussing on filling the cup of women. But as we all know, when a woman is happy, strong and fulfilled, then that spreads out into the whole community of family, friends and acquaintances.

And here’s what some kind folks have said about events in The Back Room

“Hot quiches were better than cold ones :)”

- Possibly my Mum

“Keep doing this. It is a magical formula Cherie xxx”

- Anonymous (but I have a feeling I know who it was)

“It was a beautiful morning of women celebrating in their achievements and wisdom, of community and support, of personal stories, of triumphs and sorrows. It was simply wonderful.”

- Anonymous (and I don’t’ think we’re related)



PS, The best way to find out what’s happening in The Back Room is to sign up to my weekly newsletter, but hopefully I’ll catch you in real life somewhere in the Central West.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events