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Tasha Rees and Gaynor Lawton

Tasha Rees

Tasha Rees is a health and wellness educator, speaker and author who has a passion for creating strategies to enhance health & wellbeing.

Tasha has a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Exercise Science and Health Promotion as well as a Master degree in Nutrition.  She has lectured in Anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition as well as worked as a personal trainer, gym manager, business owner and educator in health and wellness. 

During this time Tasha has authored her first book Conquering Crohn’s: How to live well with an auto-immune disease, developed and instructed a strength based program in several community centres and co-produced a DVD called "Strong People" where people of all ages and abilities were able to improve their quality of life through exercise.  Tasha has hosted and spoken publicly at numerous health events and expos on the benefits of exercise, nutrition and self–care and how you can implement small yet significant changes to enhance our life.

"Tasha has pioneered our most successful results based program to date, our 'Total Transformation package'.  Clients had a four week exercise and nutrition program....designed and implemented by Tasha."  Michelle Devereux, Business owner, Fitness lecturer and Personal Trainer.

Having a chronic health condition for nearly 20 years, Tasha has experienced many symptoms of ill health and understands the challenges that many people face daily.


Gaynor Lawton


I'm Gaynor I'm a Belief Strategist.  I work as a Personal and Business Mentor with a focus on what you 'believe' about yourself, your life and the world you live in. 


This work has developed as a result of my own life experiences and a lot of observation and awareness of what makes people 'tick'.  I am also inspired by Dr Joe Dispenza's and Bruce H Lipton's work in epigenetics and neuroplasticity. 


I will be launching my self-help business book, Believe in your Business - how to generate growth by squeezing a lemon at Turning Pages. 


The book walks you through the 18 simple exercises and processes of my GROWTH model.  When you know what you believe you will see why things are as they are, if you want to change something you start with your own beliefs.


 I have created a unique way for you to let go of old beliefs - not overriding them - removing them from your subconscious mind and energy field.  This allows you to consciously choose the next chapter of your business.




My background includes over 20 years working in Marketing, Event Management and Corporate Fundraising in the UK and Australia.  Plus running my own business for over 14 years.


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