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Talent 100 HSC Success Seminars

At Talent 100, our mission is to help students maximise their ATAR in order to pursue their dream career and embrace an inspiring future. 

Throughout the year we host a series of seminars designed to inform and empower high school students and their families so they are more knowledgeable about the NESA syllabus, how HSC scaling works, how an ATAR is calculated, why subject selection is so important, as well as insights and strategies to help all students achieve their best and reach their ATAR goals.


The Talent 100 seminars:

  • 'Breaking down the Year 12 HSC Syllabus' - Free information workshops for Year 11 & 12 students to explain the important changes implemented in the HSC, the breakdown of each course, how exams will be assessed and how Talent teaches for the new testing guidelines. 
  • 'Bridging the Gap' - Designed for students in Years 9 & 10 to understand the impact of scaling, how to build the foundations for future success and what subjects to choose to gain a competitive advantage.
  • 'Secrets of the HSC' - Created for students wanting a greater understanding of HSC scaling, moderation and alignment and how to take a strategic approach to your study programs.
  • 'Secrets of getting into Medicine' - Designed to help students interested in the health sciences understand what a pathway looks like to get into this field, explain what the UCAT is and how to prepare for this online test.
  • 'Careers Day Seminar' - We are passionate about helping students pursue their dream careers. The Career Series give you an inside, unbiased look at each profession, from the viewpoint of practising industry professionals.

See below for seminar dates and location information. Contact our friendly HSC Consultants for more information on 1300 999 100.