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Suzanne Kerr

My passion for education has always been fuelled by the care and well being of young people. The combination of 30 years of teaching and completing my Masters in Student Well-Being from Melbourne University, has allowed me to gain a deep theoretical understanding of the positive impact that a successful parent/educator partnership can have on student success, not just at school but throughout life. Having implemented a very successful Parent Program at Wenona, I am excited to launch the Parent Code and engage with a broader parent community. The Parent Code offers a range of workshops designed to help parents gain an insight and stronger understanding into their child's journey at school and beyond. The workshops are aimed at addressing different social, emotional and academic needs, and will help parents navigate the different terrains of school, such as: Mastering Year 12, The Reality of Starting Year 7, Holding the Front Line and Keeping Strong Year 9 or Demystifying the Final Years Year 11. The workshops have been designed for parents to take away tools and skills and to engage in conversation that helps build parental self-efficacy. Having raised three very different teenagers, I too have worn and understand the complexities of the 'parent hat' and well as the 'educator hat' and the 'academic hat'. The combination of these hats provides a foundation of experience, knowledge, skills and passion

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