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Suitcase Rummage

Suitcase Rummage is a mini scaled market with giant rewards!
–verb (used with object) search thoroughly or actively through (a place, receptacle, etc.), esp. by moving around, turning over, or looking through contents. find, bring, or fetch by searching (often fol. by out or up)

Lug your goods-for-sale to Suitcase Rummage! Just a suitcase (or two!) filled to the brim with brilliant bric-a-brac, clothing, books, jewellery, seconds, hand-made, shoes, records, music... you name it!
Suitcase Rummage promises to be everything that is a market without the hassle. 
Come for a bargain, a swap, or an old fashioned haggle. 

To register, please view the events we have listed below.
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Next step is to bring your treats and goodies on the day and start selling like your grandma.

Easy as pie.