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Success Partners Australia

Are you or your company struggling with its sales? Success Partners was created to help salespeople and businesses owners that are struggling to close enough deals. Our goal is to transform the world of selling through Integrity Selling, whereby long-term success is achieved through the development of integrity and client-centeredness. While there are many great sales training companies in the market, Success Partners differentiates itself from the others by:

1. Researching the latest and proven sales literature

Many sales techniques that were effective 20 years ago are no longer relevant or applicable in today’s selling environment. In light of this, Success Partners ensure that only well-researched and proven methods are taught in our sales training seminars. In addition, we fully customise our content for your company to ensure maximum impact and ROI.

2. Using the most effective training methods

As humans we tend to forget around 90% of what we learn within 30 days. This is often why intensive courses offered by the majority of sales training companies often fail to have a lasting impact. By contrast, Success Partners’ sales training courses utilise:

  • Chunked and spaced learning to maximise retention
  • Coaching for personalising and adapting content to their unique selling style
  • Online assessment tools for reinforcement

The end result is that your salespeople will find it easy to learn and apply the lessons, ultimately increasing their sales effectiveness and revenue.

3. Teaching Integrity Selling

It is well known that a salesperson’s attitudes are more important to their success than their skills and knowledge. Why is it then, that most sales training companies focus on teaching sales techniques alone? In today’s selling environment, buyers immediately see through and push back on superficial techniques designed to manipulate and coerce. Not only is it morally wrong, it is also ineffective.

By contrast, Success Partners teach that sales is an honourable and ethical profession. We believe in changing a salesperson’s core values, so that prospects can sense the genuine and sincere effort to put their interests first. This approach will instill a greater sense of purpose and confidence in your sales team, increasing their performance and loyalty to your company.

If the above sounds like something worth chatting about, connect with us today!

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