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StreetGeek LAN Parties

StreeetGeek LAN Parties has been in operation since 2005 and has been running monthly events based out of the Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church since then.

StreetGeek is a non-profit and volunteer-operated group dedicated to running social and recreational events focused on video games and video game culture, and on the community that surrounds them. To date we have run a total of 90 (and counting!) successful video game events, which we have run on a monthly basis since April 2005, and which see a typical attendance of 120 attendees, most of whom are aged 18 to 30. We are also proud to participate in other prominent Adelaide events, including the AVCON Anime and Video Games Convention, which saw 7960 attendees in 2011 and OzComicCon Adelaide, which saw over 12000 attendees in 2012

A StreetGeek LAN Party is a gathering of Video Gamers and people interested in Video Game culture, who attend for social opportunities, competition and recreation.
StreetGeek is known for a strong focus on a social atmosphere, with a welcoming community, and the competition at StreetGeek is of the “friendly” variety. Attendees bring their computers, consoles and games, and spend the weekend playing games and socialising. StreetGeek maintains ultra-fast network infrastructure, servers, and a managed Internet connection. The schedule for the weekend includes planned games and tournaments. Some attendees choose to participate in scheduled tournaments with small prizes, while others prefer to play different games in smaller groups.

StreetGeek events are Drug and Alcohol Free, Family Friendly events. Overnight events feature a limited Lock-In to minimise noise pollution for local residents, and provide the safest possible environment for younger attendees.

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