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Stranger With My Face International Film Festival

Stranger With My Face International Film Festival is based in Hobart, Tasmania. Deriving its name from the young adult novel by Lois Duncan, it explores the idea of ‘the horror within’ and promotes discussion around genre and gender, from ghost stories to gore, from art house to exploitation. SWMF has a particular focus on female directors working in horror and related genres and highlights bold new work by independent filmmakers. 

The main festival is currently on hiatuses. However, special events are presented throughout the year. Go to for more info or sign up here for news.

Voted in the Top 5 Coolest Women's Film Festivals in the world by Movie Maker Magazine  

"Nothing short of magical. It was transformative for me. I think what is being done there, and celebrated there and made possible as a result, is the best I have seen at any fest… I want to be there every year."—Jennifer Lynch, guest filmmaker

"This event fills a gap that has been largely ignored by other film festivals....” —Screen Hub

Sorry, there are no upcoming events