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Stephanie's Big Cat Conservation Quest

Stephanie like so many animal lovers has a passion deeply engraned in her spiritual being.  Making a difference by doing what we do is her life.  If you havent met our beautiful Stephanie, she has a loving nature that crosses all boundaries.  As her family and friends we support Stephanie's dream, goal and passion to help big cats survive the atrocities which sadly is their plight in life.  We, the human being race are causing these problems, and we the human being race are the one's to shift this paradigm and repair the wrongs perpretated against big cats. SBCCQ run a major fundraiser every year to support the Global White Lion Protection Trust in Limpopo, South Africa and also The Love Lions Alive Project in the Free State, South Africa. We have met the Founders of these conservation groups and know them to be honourable people wanting peace and freedom for lions just like us.  We understand the reservations to support groups you know nothing about.  We are a relatively young conservation group, committed to Stephanie's cause, and assure you that all profits are sent to the White Lion Trust and Love Lions Alive.  Come join us at the car rally, meet our team.  Have a fun day and get involved.  We are always seeking team members and volunteers to go annually to South Africa to support the amazing people fighting to keep lions alive.  

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