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Stellium Light | Zodiac Inspirations Australia | Cecilia Lugo-Anderson

My name is Cecilia. I am passionate about astrology and I use my knowledge of psychology and astrology to explain our personality, emotions, our source of power, control and our direction in life.Astrology is a feast of the planets where there is not a day like the next.

I began my studies of psychology at the Catholic University of Andres Bello in Caracas – Venezuela 30 years ago, and my passion for Astrology started.Carl Jung, founder of the analytical psychology, used astrology to analyze his patients. Also, he used astrology to explain the crisis of The 40’s and the changes of the 30’s and the mature age.

My studies of Psychology and Astrology combined the changes through my life that can only be explained by the issues and opportunities offered by planets aspects has led me to start this website offering counseling services and help to direct your life understanding your mission in life and to be happy.

After reading many articles and books of Astrology,I began studying astrology in Sydney getting my certificate in 2011 from Sydney Astrology School. I follow Evolutionary Astrology and I have continued expanding my knowledge participating in The Australian Apprenticeship Program workshops 2012-2014 with Steven Forrest to follow my astrology and spiritual path.  

I also have completed an interior decoration design certificate at CATC to guide my clients to create a harmonious living space using colour combined with their energies of their birth chart to boost their potential.

Finally, I have completed my certificate in Training and Assessment to be able to pass on my knowledge!

Zodiac Inspirations Australia invites you to Live by the Sun and Love by the Moon. I can help you to understand your potential through the eyes of Astrology. The constant movement of the planetary energies in our sky offers opportunities and lessons in order to grow our souls. Connecting with your motivation symbolised by the Sun and your emotions represented by the Moon as well as all your energies represented by each planet in the snapshot of the sky when you were born (birth chart) brings self-awarenses allowing you to improve your quality of life and your relationships.


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