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Soul Sister Circle

Soul Sister Circle is a collective of conscious women united by a passion for creativity, a love of life and a yearning to make a difference in the world.

It’s a sacred sisterhood of artists, musicians, designers, healers, holistic health practitioners, wellness coaches, life coaches and intuitives, all coming together with the intention of forging meaningful friendships, creating powerful collaborations and establishing a solid support network that fosters personal, professional, social and spiritual expansion.

Regular gatherings, personal empowerment classes and professional development workshops draw upon the power of divine feminine energy, the wisdom of mentors and teachers, and the collective consciousness to support and nurture the Sisterhood, empowering them to create businesses and lives of purpose, passion and meaning.

Soul Sister Circle is devoted to supporting and nurturing the endeavors of the Sisterhood, empowering them with the strategies, tools, mindset and connections they need to shine bright in the world. It is through this framework of support that Souls Sister Circle will be a catalyst for spreading joy, healing and love throughout the world.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events