Social Living Solutions Pty Ltd

I help families with neurodiverse children. Examples of Neurodiverse conditions are Autism (ASD), ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and others such as dyspraxia.

I support families to move away from stress, overwhelm, anxiety and worry to relief, happiness, better family balance and joy.
I achieve this in my programs by utilising my 9 step Family Joy Model and working with both the family and the child. I take a holistic approach whereby I look at the family as a whole rather than the child as an individual that needs to be “fixed.”

I have 2 boys who are neurodiverse, and having gone through many struggles with them, it prompted me to create Social Living Solutions. I wanted to provide parents with understanding and practical support, and to just know that there is someone working in this area that just “gets it.” This is one of the biggest compliments some of my clients with autism give me “you just get it”, “you understand me.” I get it. Yes! I get it, without any judgment or personal opinion of you and your circumstances.

I too have experienced the overwhelm, stress and worry from being an autism parent. I have experienced those same judgemental looks from strangers in shopping centres and been told your child needs more discipline by complete strangers as well as close family.

Having worked with neurodiverse children in the school system. Even when the child can integrate into school, they simply don’t get the attention and support they need to thrive. They are often viewed as the problem that needs to be fixed; rather than as one part to a whole equation. We examine and structure a plan and model to support a better life, more balance and more joy