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About Charmaine Keegan (Head Trainer and Director)

Charmaine’s background is over 26 years of sales, with the last 8 years concentrating on Sales Training through Workshops, Events and One on Ones.  She is also a trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™ and Coaching.

Specialising in bringing powerful ideas that participants find easy to adopt. Her mantra is keep it simple and practical.
She loves sales and you can tell from the moment you speak with her about your needs through to the carefully crafted program that will exceed your objectives. She is an artists that gets joy from each participant ‘getting it’ and then going out and ‘winning’ business. Success breeds success.  She can assist in all areas of sales and is particularly keen to get the mindset right. (Mindset determines your outcome).

Brought up on a farm in the UK countryside Charmaine is down to earth and practical. Call her and the team and they will be happy to help match your needs to the right solution, to drive results.

We work with transparency, integrity and ethically. We therefore bank ethically. Your investment will be doing good. Staring from humble beginnings we are very aware of the struggle life is for others. Ask us about our events where we support The Smith Foundation.

Smarter Selling is: Sales Training & Seminars Sydney, Melbourne, Australia Wide and International. Smarter Selling is a subsidiary of Success Mindset Academy Pty Ltd.

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