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SKGA Inc. - Sangam Kala Group Australia

SKGA Inc. - Sangam Kala Group Australia is an independent, incorporated not-for-profit association.

The objective of SKGA Inc. is to promote Indian Music, Dance, Drama and related cultural activities including films and Bollywood entertainment to people of all origins in multicultural Australia.

Through organising various festivals, musical concerts, educational film and music workshops SKGA aims at encouraging cross cultural awareness as well as foster intercultural relationships, community contributions, mutual respect, understanding and community unity.

SSCAFF Satrangi 7 Colors Arts & Film Festival an Indian, Australian & Multicultural festival of performing arts and creative arts which includes All Australian and multicultural Film, Fashion, Music, Dance, Instruments, Acting, Comedy, Drama Schools, Clubs and Community organizations to showcase their extraordinary talent to the public while encouraging the participation of the whole community in celebrating and valuing cultural diversity.

Sawan Spring Festival, Springtime, is a Multicultural Music and Dance festival that aims to celebrate the Indian, Australian and multinational culture through the performing arts. The festival will feature local talent in the forms of singing, dancing, music, comedy, poetry and artistry.

"Spirit & Harmony Music Festival 2016" is a One-day event of Spiritual, Devotional, Classical, Popular Music & Instrumentals presentations.

The team at SKGA consists of liked-minded people who are keen on promoting India’s and Cross-cultural artistic and cultural traditions in Australia. Through its 18 regional chapters within Australia, SKGA aims to covering every major town within Australia.

The group recognizes that young talent in performing and creative arts is like an uncut diamond that needs the much required training, stage opportunity and recognition.

The growing popularity of fusion music both vocal and instrumental indicates that multiculturalism and globalisation are influencing tastes and creativity in music and films worldwide.

SKGA hopes to provide a suitable platform for those individuals who love to experiment with music and films, who want to explore new horizons across international boundaries.

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