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Silva Method Australia Pty Ltd


Sam Tesfay 

Having worked in the corporate space for over 15 years as a financial analyst and business advisor consulting to major corporations such as Bank West, West Pac, and in the area of international trade with larger and medium sized corporations in Europe; over time he realised many trends none more disturbing the amount of stress employees would face on a day by day basis.

After many years of stress, dissatisfaction and unfulfillment himself, Sam decided to leave the corporate world and discover what his true passion was in life.  Throughout his path of discovery he came across the Silva Method originated by Jose Silva in 1966.

The Silva Method is a series of guided mental exercises designed to help individuals learn to use more of their brain and elevate the creative powers of their mind through the use of imagery and creative techniques.

The methodologies have been well received by doctors, lawyers, celebrities, medical professionals, business owners, Olympic athletes, musicians and many others in over 131 countries and in 29 languages throughout the past 50 years.

Combining his passion for business and helping others reach success without stress; Sam is now inspiring individuals and corporate all around the world through public presentations, one on one consulting and ongoing mentoring.

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