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Shape of harmony

The owner and creator of Shape of harmony is Renata Popis.

Few words from Renata:

Holistic approach towards life has always been very close to my heart. I have been working with body awareness and mindful attitude using yoga, dance, meditation and massage as tools for over a decade now. I have had the amazing opportunity to complete Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training in India and I am a qualified Balinese massage therapist as well. Moreover, as a psychology lover, I have completed Post-Graduated Studies in Practical Social Psychology. 

My yoga journey

I found yoga over 15 years ago while working as a professional dancer. Yoga was a remedy for my sore body after many hours of training. It stretched my muscles and helped me to regenerate faster. The mental aspect came later. Yoga stretched my mind as well. The feeling of peace and harmony empowered me in my every day existence, not only on the mat. As a natural process, yoga became my whole life.

Apart from yoga, I believe in the power of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation massages.These techniques will help you to rediscover a peaceful and joyful place within you. By increasing body awareness and releasing hidden tensions you can reach your deeper potential and experience a much greater feeling of happiness and fulfilment.

Lastly but not the least, I am also a passionate essential oils advocate. I love to share oily sisterhood circles and empower other women on their journey to non-toxic self-care and emotional support. Nature is giving up amazing healing tools and we should learn and from them more & more.

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