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Serving the Lord 's Ministry & Humanitarians (c) 2017 P & Daniel


Dear Friends,


It is our WWII veterans people and our children to dream to leave the Inhumane wicked Housing MP Goward bad service and her staff imposed trauma and physical injuries to our lives and denied our Equal Human Rights to Natural Justice which is our God given Liberties under our Gods Laws and Statues and Under our Constitutional Rights for Freedom, Justice, Health, Safety, Risk Free living for our children and WWII veterans family .


If any of you out there believe you are denied Human Rights from Goward and staff during your stay in NSW Housing and Heritage homes this is your opportunity to bring changes now.

WWII veterans people bring this event suffer many years Inhumanity and injuries caused from NSW Heritage MP Goward and previous MP Hazzard and Housing staff in local offices.

In this event details are supplied.

Our WWII veterans rid NSW Australia MP and staff out of the system to sack them and to restore back Gods Glorious Liberties and care , mercy and compassion and duty care and OHS .

This event educates abuse of NSW policies  impact our pensions , lives, health, safety, freedom ,beloved family lives to access our children and our hard working money ripped off poverty and lack of safe living .

This is great event to rid the poor behavior of these cruel nasty staff and Goward to show them facts of life and lack of care to recognize medcio and legals and to service toilet buckets its pain and lack sanitary to tolerate .They do not resolve their inhumane behavior they let it carry on in their breach and discrimination and lack crisis hotel and new house which they aigned to deliver and failed.

This event need funds to seek supporters to bring toilet buckets and tie your Pink Ribbon around it to bring compos loos which are more sanitary than Prues poopy, pee buckets and her staff which they tolerate this to save taxpayers money denial of crisis hotels and denial of relief and denial of new house and access our children loved one is denied too.

so all these promises are empty and lead nowhere to dead end 

Taxpayers funds and ourrid 3rd World Toilet buckets to show Goward and her wicked staff that is not on and unacceptable to our Lord and to our people no more discrimination back to our veterans and children and for future children and parents to benefit .


This event can restore NSW Housing / Heritage homes that Goward and Hazzard MP's and staff stole from our WWII veterans and children lives rights to Natural Justice and Freedom, and to pay our immediate compensation those injuries and 2 houses to accomodate the extreme loss suffered out of Court and to get our lives moved on out of housing and to gain risk free and sanitary living life.


This even will benefit others 

This event bring our loved ones family life back as God gave it to our people and Goward and her staff abused our love and people to cut us off and even though they receive medico and legal documents they kept up their nasty behavior to impose trap on our lives and people and homes .

Event is made by our educated WWII veterans having many many years of NSW Housing poor behavior in medico and legal and in their policies which they abuse and corrupt.

The Writer/ Authors serve the Lord humble care and have done lot of help for poor disadvanatged people in Australia and overseas helped many.

Our people do not need Goward and her cruel staff to trap our lives just to impose their sin gather their wages from their  barbarian sin lifestyles so this event will let people have your say. .

There will be no more being separated from our children just because Goward and her staff amd Hazzard imposed injuries and wheelchairs to our veterans and suffer to our children undue stress and to deny disability rights to live .


To be denied access to a life and to your children is not on its unacceptable they refuse to lift their unlawful breach they love to control and bully and rip off pensiojns and that is all they care about rip off .

To be denied access to new house for our people and our own children loved ones then they take back their trap and pay compensation for this event will move this to cut off NSW Housing because discrimination and breach do not comply to risk and safe law - only want to rip off money pensions from our people to give us bad experiences to call our doctors and legals to complain .


This event move Goward and staff to repent of their wicked ways .


WWII veterans have high University degrees and are not born yesterday as Goward and her staff carry on their unlawful trap.


Goward and staff need to travel to USA to sit in Hurriances and live on flood filled lands and in fires like in USA thay is the only way these people will wake up when they suffer in it themselves - only then they will cfry to God and He will not answer them because they show no mercy, no care, no compssion and use our people pay them to impose inhuman trap.


to our people and most vulnerable just like WWII veterans bring facts look how bad they treat our us get paid to trap our lives and cut our people from our children too and cut off our medico and legals and keep hidhe their sins from the world.


they are not fit to work and receive our pensions while cause poverty and injuries and trap lives and rip off taxpayers to do this 

Serving the Lord's Ministry - WWII War Veterans & Author/s & Humanitarian Owner of Real Story  (c) 2017 P & Daniel.




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