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Self Love Sisters


Lisa Pace-Renata and Kelly Slattery are the Self Love Sisters.

Lisa is a single mum of 5 and has a background in traditional business, having owned both a hustling cafe and a children’s clothing line.

Kelly is a mother of two and certified Life Coach with extensive experience in school governance (New Zealand) covering primary to high school and both sisters have a passion for practical, relevant and implementable education.

The Self Love Sisters are are effective educators merging the worlds of Love and Money and sharing the power of Bitcoin to move humanity forward.

Lisa and Kelly first heard about bitcoin in 2014, from their Dad, when it was predominantly popular with miners and gamers.

In 2017 the sisters embarked on a “next level” journey of self-discovery. After a decade of personal development, Lisa and Kelly stumbled upon a formula to fast track self-love and acceptance. With this discovery came the realization that the only barrier to wealth was their own self-belief.

Based on Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland, Lisa and Kelly are helping mission-driven entrepreneurs navigate the cryptocurrency space and keep a step ahead of the changes happening in our financial future.

In their upcoming book Love & Money: Embracing the New Economy the sisters show you how you can:

  • Reclaim your voice
  • Reconnect with your personal power
  • Re-ignite your confidence
  • Powerfully embrace freedom and
  • Harness the magical technology of bitcoin

 Love & Money: Embracing the New Economy Self Love Sisters Lisa Pace-Renata & Kelly Slattery

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