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Scale Investors

To equip Australians to become successful investors whose wealth is enhanced through connection with, investment in, and support of women entrepreneurs in early stage businesses.

Scale is a female focused angel investor network. Our founding members launched Scale Investors in March 2013. They are inspired by activating early stage female led organisations and are building a supportive and sustainable network that invests in female founders today to create the female investors of tomorrow.

Of the total venture capital funding available only 2% is deployed to women, yet female owned companies generate more revenues with less investment. Women are two times more likely to take social impact of a deal seriously however are not taken seriously despite having 50% of the good ideas*.

The evidence is clear, McKinsey and Company’s 2015 “Why Diversity Matters” research found the top quartile of gender diverse public companies are 15% more likely to outperform industry medians. It starts with us; the Scale Investor network has a powerful role to play to activate early stage female led organisations.

We welcome all investors who share our vision of maximizing returns by supporting early stage businesses that value gender diverse leadership.

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