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Sarah Massey - Health & Wellness Warriors


A passionate and knowledgable self care and essential oil educator

Sarah started looking for ways to support her children when behavioural issues started causing stress in her life.... This QUEST had her discovering new understandings of;


Biochemistries and how they effect our physical and emotional health

Nutrition and wholefoods 

Emotions and how they are effecting our phycial health

The dangers of toxins and fillers in our foods, products, home and the general enviroment, and eventually:

Essential oils made there way into her concsiousness.It took quite sometime to have that emerge into a business in fact over two years. When she was no longer able to contain her passions she hosted one class to teach friends how to make simple blends for their children. It has now grown to something she never anticipated founded on a true love of empowering selfcare for all.


Sarah believes that a healthy happy life can be achieved by embracing the power of 100s of natural compunds and taking the option of informed self care. Using natures gifts, wholefoods, fresh air and sunshine, and reaching for natural plant medicines as a alternative  to treat the problem v masking symptoms.


Sarah has built an incredible team and successful business with doTERRA the essential oils of her choice. Sarah also loves cooking having spanish heritage often includes food demonstrations in her classes. 

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