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Sarah Boccuzzi - Original Energy Medicine

With over 10 years of teaching experience and almost two decades of learning, Sarah Boccuzzi of Original Energy Medicine is dedicated to sharing her knowledge in hope that it inspires you to embark on your own health journey to discover what “works” for you. Each individual experience is unique. Exercises and programs can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs and requirements to work on your physical, spiritual and emotional level.
At Original Energy Medicine, I can teach you how to harness and increase your energy and also become aware of how you may lose energy. By learning about these systems, you can learn to care and sense for yourself, the best way to connect with your body and use and cultivate that energy for healing purposes.
Classes and workshops will provide you with a simple toolkit of exercises and energy practices which can be woven into your every day. Some may assist you in providing relief from common ailments and reduction of stress. We can assist you with individual exercise programs to support specific health issues and concerns. All of the recommended techniques are safe to practice and are complimentary to allopathic medicine.
At Original Energy Medicine, our number one aim is to help to support you to find what organically and authentically works for you, allowing you to improve quality of life and improve your energy.
Specialising in energy anatomy, meridians, self-massage, healing sounds, qigong and meditation, you will learn to balance your energy and gain a deeper insight into how to connect with yourself.
Original Energy Medicine is dedicated to supporting you in your overall health and wellbeing and helping you to implement changes in your lifestyle that are practical and nurturing for the body, mind and spirit.
All of the techniques taught contribute to a holistic overall improve to your health and well-being, teaching you to be become less “in your head and more in your body”.

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